Footcare Questionnaire

True or false?

Ask yourself the following questions and answer true or false. Click on the question to view the correct answer!

Your foot size, and therefore your shoe size, does not change once your bones have stopped growing.


Foot size changes with age, weight gain, and changes in exercise patterns.

Most of the time, back pain is a sign that something is wrong with the way you use your feet.


Although back pain can arise from numerous disorders including neurological problems, tumors and kidney ailments, the most common causes of back problems relate to the way you stand, walk or otherwise use your feet.

A shin splint is a medical device attached to the front of the lower leg to prevent sports injuries.


A shin splint is an injury. The two muscles that attach to the front of your lower leg begin to pull away from the bone. The connective tissue covering the bone becomes inflamed.

A sprained ankle is just a "twist" and is nothing to be concerned about.


A twist is not always just a twist. Sometimes muscles, tendons or ligaments are stretched or torn in the process and the foot may required tape, strapping, or even a cast.

Foot imbalance is a term used to describe a neurologically-related problem that causes you to lose your equilibrium when standing.


Foot imbalance is a condition in which the foot’s many parts are not in proper position to support and carry body weight without undo stress.

A baby's foot problems can begin in the womb.


Sometimes babies are born with inward-turned feed. This will make learning to walk difficult. Seek professional attention for early correction.

The purpose of your toenails is to protect the tips of your toes from pressure and rubbing.


That’s why proper nail care is very important!

Leather shoes, as opposed to shoes made of modern synthetic materials, are hard on feet and prevent them from getting enough air.


Leather shoes are best. They are generally sturdy and unlike many synthetics, they allow your feet to “breathe”.