Bunion Treatment in Palmdale, CA

What Is A Bunion?

A bunion, technically called a hallux valgus, is a hard bony round protrusion that extends from the side of the base of the big toe. It can also occur with the little toe when it is known as a bunionette.

It’s a fairly common foot complaint that worsens over time and can cause pain and discomfort, difficulty wearing certain types of shoes, and contribute to other foot disorders. Bunions are caused by a misalignment of the joints of the bones that make up the big toe. If caught in the early stages of development, bunions can be treated with non-invasive measures, but in the more severe stages surgery is the only option.

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Bunion Treatment in Palmdale, CA

What Causes Bunions?

Bunions can develop from a variety of causes and often from several factors working in concert to bring about the abnormal condition. It’s often almost impossible to determine a single cause of a bunion, but some of the main contributing factors are:



A person’s genetic inheritance can make them predisposed to developing bunions. Heredity is also a factor in flat feet and loose ligaments, both of which can lead to the development of bunions.

Abnormal Bone Structure

Shortened, missing, or misshapen foot bones, flat arches, and asymmetric leg lengths can cause a bunion to develop, as well as serious injury to the foot that alters foot structure.


During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases a hormone called relaxin, which helps to widen the pelvis for birth, and can also cause loose ligaments in the feet which is a possible factor in bunion development.

Improperly Fitted Shoes

Shoes that force the toes into an unnatural position, such as high heels or shoes with pointed toes, when worn for long periods on a regular basis, can lead to the formation of bunions.

Palmdale, CA Bunion Treatment

Bunion Treatment

If a bunion is diagnosed early in its development before it begins to cause serious problems for a patient it can usually be treated with non-invasive measures to slowly correct the misalignment of the bone joint such as shoe inserts. If left untreated to the point that a bunion causes the patient regular pain and discomfort and limits normal activity then surgery, called a bunionectomy, is the recommended treatment. It’s the only way to permanently remove the bunion. Fortunately, modern techniques make this type of surgery relatively painless with a fast recovery. Again, early diagnosis and treatment of a bunion are important.

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